Twilight3volved Watch Face v0.0.4.4

Twilight3volved Watch Face v0.0.4.4

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Twilight3volved Watch Face v0.0.4.4

**Updated design today, 1-6-2015**

Taking a round spin on the design of my Twilight3volved icon set, I have morphed that into a visually stunning watch face with just as much detail as my icons have.
Pick this up for a buck while supplies last!

This does not require facer or watchmaker, just install and wait a minute for it to be pushed to your watch and choose it from the built in list of faces.

This watch face features an ambient dim mode as well as a more detailed normal mode.

Updates will be coming soon with some customization and additional features.

The original design was meant to help minimize the appearance of the chin on the Moto 360, but the style has been updated to be more stylish on watches like the LG Watch G and R, as well as Sony Smartwatch 3.


The matching Twilight3volved icon set can be found here
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