AstroWings2: Legend of Heroes v1.7.1

AstroWings2: Legend of Heroes v1.7.1

Rating: 11
AstroWings2: Legend of Heroes v1.7.1

Fly to a mysterious island, where mystical monsters and fearsome bosses await you!

AstroWings series returns brandishing a full, 3D dynamic shooter: Legend of Heroes!
What are you waiting for? Jump into the game now to discover the secrets behind the six heroes who are braving this new, mysterious evil!


Build your own unique aircraft! You create it, you pilot it!
в–¶ Hundreds of different combinations possible with parts combination
в–¶ Strengthen, customize, and paint your aircraft to your liking

Begin your adventure on the fantastical island!
в–¶ Assault numerous islands with various monsters and bosses
в–¶ Challenge yourself with the increasing difficulty of the stages

Play with your Facebook friends
▶ Visit the your friends’ hangars and check out their aircraft
в–¶ Open the Lucky Box and receive great rewards from your friends every day!

Unlike any other shooters out there
в–¶ Avoid fully 3D rendered obstacles while conquering the skies
в–¶ Fully integrated with Game Center to allow for competitive play among your friends



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