atmosHere Weather v2.4.3

atmosHere Weather v2.4.3

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atmosHere Weather v2.4.3

On sale for initial release!*

- powered
- Card UI style
- beautiful animations
- Light, Dark, and Automatic Themes!
- fused location provider for hyper accurate location based weather data!
- minutely, hourly, daily weather data
- hour by hour weather information for the next week (compared to most others 48 hours) available by swiping to the side!
- Highly detailed and customized "daily" information
- cards for current moon phase, sunrise and sunset, traffic, pollen, UV index, Netatmo, ski and marine conditions, device sensors (humidity, temp, etc), latest earthquake, your exact location, Air quality, wind conditions and many more!
- Multiple maps for radar, wind, temp, etc!
- Flickr geo-location based image searching
- Muzei integration
- Dash Clock integration
- Widget (large overhaul in the works!)
- persistent notification (optional)
- Notifications for weather alerts (optional)
- NWS / NOAA Audio Streams (still in BETA)
- Day Dream
- Pull to refresh
- settings (who doesn't love those?)
- charts (charts never lie)
- All the contact information you could ever ask for in the "About" section

atmosHere Weather is making weather on Android smarter! By taking your exact location, and customizing the weather based on current conditions and your selected preferences! Accessing the same data used by DarkSky and, atmosHere Weather gives you the most hyper accurate weather forecast of any Android app! atmosHere Weather will show you the most important information first by for example, showing you any "weather alerts" first and foremost if there is one for your location! Card's with summaries will also have a customized summary based on the conditions, helping you easily glance and know what to expect! atmosHere Weather also gives you other useful information like pollen count, UV index, device sensor readings, ski and marine conditions, latest earthquakes, and more! atmosHere Weather is also hyper customizable, by allowing to configure exactly what cards you want to see!

Since that still wasn't satisfying enough, Flickr is integrated into the header of your home view, showcasing nearby Flickr photos that will also correspond to the current conditions (example, if it's snowing you will see pictures of snow!), or by using the same Flickr Photo set of that used in Yahoo Weather! This bring us to the next feature, Muzei integration! The same images used in the app can also be used with Muzei! Not to be forgotten, atmosHere Weather also features DashClock integration to keep your home screen up-to-date with your local weather conditions.

Your typical Android widget, day dream, and optional persistent notification (with adjustable update frequency) are also included!

Join the G+ Community to keep up with development, and soon alpha/beta builds!

Feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated! Check the about section for more contact information! I will also get back to you!
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