AquaMarine Theme - CM12 v0.0.2

AquaMarine Theme - CM12 v0.0.2

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AquaMarine Theme - CM12 v0.0.2


- IMPORTANT: Once you apply the theme. Perform a reboot! If any FC's, just reboot again, it's a CM12 bug.

- IMPORTANT: If you do not have a certain aspect themed, it's not my theme problem, it's CM12's Theme Engine's bug as it IS still in Alpha stage.

- If you want to learn how to theme, check out Nick's thread:

- Must have a CM12 ROM with Theme Engine installed

- Must be knowing what you're doing since you're handling a CM12 ROM, Theme Engine is still in Alpha and most bugs are due to Theme Engine !

- AudioFX
- CyanogenMod Eleven (Music)
- CyanogenMod Theme Chooser
- Calculator
- Contacts
- Dialer
- DocumentsUI
- Framework-res
- Mms (Google Messenger)
- Phone/Dialer (AOSP and Google)
- TeleService
- Settings
- Sound Recorder
- SystemUI
- Hangouts
- Playstore
- Cm Updater
- SuperSu
- Cm File Manager
- Youtube
- and more...
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