Transparent Material Dark CM12 v1.0.2

Transparent Material Dark CM12 v1.0.2

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Transparent Material Dark CM12 v1.0.2

Transparent Material Dark Theme

Welcome to the first Transparent dark material UI for the CyanogenMod 12 Theme Engine. Which helps you make Your UI looks wonder full with transparent Quick Setting Notification and Transparent Lock Screen .

Also the theme Comes with Material Dark Design For core system apps, Pop Ups and To the dialog Box

Note :-

Works Only On CM 12 Based Theme engine and Custom ROMs..
Supports CyanogenMOD 12, DU, Carbon , Liquid Smooth Lollipop ROMs.
Some aspect not themed (aka. System UI)? This is a CM12 problem . No problem A reboot will fix it
* Some times may not show in Theme Manager First page :/ .. Swipe left and Set the theme manually
Special Features :-

1. Modified Status Bar Icons
2. Modified Navigation Bar
3. Transaprent System UI
4. Rounder Corner Popups and Dialog
5. Much More To Come +++


* Must have a CM12 ROM with Theme Engine installed

* Must be knowing what you're doing since you're handling a CM12 ROM, Theme Engine is still in its early stage and most bugs are due to Theme Engine !



- CyanogenMod Theme Chooser

- Calculator

- Camera2

- CellBroadcastReceiver- Contacts

- Dialer

- Framework-res

- MediaProvider

- Phone/Dialer

- Settings

- Sound Recorder

- SystemUI

- TeleService

- Whatsapp

- Added Wallpaper
- Added Lock Screen Wallpaper
- Font

Sounds will be added In next update and Much More to Come
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