Last Hope v1.03

Last Hope v1.03

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Last Hope v1.03

The planet of the Triangles has been invaded by the power-hungry Cube Empire. Giant block towers have dug deep into the ground to strip the planet of all its resources. As the only Triangle soldier left standing, you are the planet's last hope for survival. If you can climb a block tower, avoid hazards, collect pickups, and make it to the top, the planet might just stand a chance.

Your reflexes will be tested as you blaze through a deadly obstacle course. Spin blocks around to move hazards out of your way and clear the path to the next block. Which will be equally deadly.

To even the odds, you'll receive a steady supply of powerups. Restore your health, boost your speed, or get a shield. And keep climbing!

An unrelenting dubstep score keeps you pumped and focused. The intensity changes to match your progress. As you become more awesome, so does the music.

In the world of Triangles, the high scorer is king. Attack your friends' scores, or indeed the world's. Climb the tower of blocks to climb the leaderboards.

Earn coins as you play and use them to purchase upgrades. Improve your capabilities and increase your chances of survival.

YOU AGAINST THE (randomly generated) WORLD
The tower of blocks is created by random generation, resulting in different combinations of hazards every time you play. Memorization won't help you here.
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