Costume Running Hero v1.11

Costume Running Hero v1.11

Rating: 7
Costume Running Hero v1.11

Costume Running Hero! Stylish Running Action Arcade Game! Super Hero Runner!

The next generation of running games is here. Enjoy the stylish running action!
Not just empty words of being stylish! Experience the real action stylish combo costume running hero!
Take the fun of playing running games to the next level!

▪ Running game’s basic jump, added with spectacular combination attacks, mid-air combos, and grab and throw features. Running game with serious action!.

в–Є Consecutive attacks, uppercut attacks, mid-air ascending attacks, grab and throws, super skills and extra special skills can easily be executed with simple touches on the screen. Annihilate your enemies by using these combinations of attacks and skills in this amazing running game!

в–Є 45 types of American Hero, Japanese Masked Hero, and Magical Girl Costumes! 27 types of Super Pets to help with your journey!.

▪ All 45 types of costumes each possess unique attack patterns and special skills! You won’t simply get bored going through all the different skillsets from variety of costumes!

▪ 3 Large Chapters with 48 Stages in total! In 3 difficulty modes! That’s 144 levels of stages of pure fun!

в–Є Boss Rush Modes and Infinite Modes also adds extra excitement and challenges for you to enjoy!

в–Є That is no limit to playing time! No more waiting for Energy or Shoes or Keys to recharge to play each round! You can always get into the game anywhere, any place, anytime!
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