Vimala Defense Warlords v1.3.0f1

Vimala Defense Warlords v1.3.0f1

Rating: 10
Vimala Defense Warlords v1.3.0f1

The best skirmish tower defense gameplay and turn-based RPG combat on mobile!

Collect resources to build your kingdom and army.

Skirmish Mode:
- Endlessly enjoyable skirmish tower defense game
- Gather resources to fortify your kingdom and strengthen your army
- Train and organize your own army
- Powerful Hero Units, from Devastating Knights to Fearless Wizards

Dungeon Mode:
- Face endless waves of monsters and be the best
- Form your own party and vanquish the almighty beasts
- Huge bounty awaits for the champion

- Discover 6 different grades of equipment
- Combine your equipment to create much more powerful equipment
- Equip your Heroes with the most epic equipment

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