Cat Story v1.5.0

Cat Story v1.5.0

Rating: 14
Cat Story v1.5.0

"Cat Story" is a fascinating adventure under the hot tropical sun in the company of kind, fluffy animals. A shipwreck brings the characters to a lost island in the ocean, where they must start a new life, one that is interesting, comfortable, and eventful.

The island is inhabited by natives, which are mostly friendly. Some of the are willing to help you familiarize yourself with the unknown shore and search for lost friends. Along the way you will uncover many secrets and mysteries, find trusted allies, help the locals, and defeat powerful villains. Maybe, after glorious heroic deeds, even return home... if that is what you want.

Key Game Features:

- Help the heroes carve out a place for themselves on the mysterious tropical island
- A huge amount of useful buildings and valuable resources
- A multitude of charming animal characters and interesting quests
- A detective story, full of unexpected twists, mysteries and secrets
- The ability to create new items
- An interactive map with many interesting locations to explore

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