Verbalizer - Video Maker v1.0

Verbalizer - Video Maker v1.0

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Verbalizer - Video Maker v1.0

Verbalizer is an adfree video maker that lets you create hilarious lip flip videos that you can later share with friends.

Choose any face - photos of your friends, pets, creepy animals, politicians or any celebrity you can think of - and record your video by planting your face or mouth over it and make them jibber something they'd never say! To make videos even funnier, we've also added a voice pitch selection, so you can sound like a chipmunk or like a ghost.

Make a ranting lunatic out of a shy friend or exact revenge on your ex for leaving you by making him or her say things they would have never said. Once you’re done recording, share the video with everyone and share the laughter!

Animate any image: Gallery, Camera or from the Web, all from within the app!
Move and resize the image to cover your recording screen
Change your voice for hilarious results: Helium, Normal and Deep voice effects
Customize the size and blend of the cutout
Choose between Normal and Low quality video output
Share your videos with the world!

-Make your friends talk dirty
-Make your pets admit guilt
-Make fruits talk like the popular annoying orange
-Make celebrities say hilarious things
-Make fun of your politicians
-Make your body parts talk
-Create hilarious holiday greetings

1. Choose any face you want!
2. Cut out the part you want to record over and add voice effects.
3. Record your video and share the laughs with friends.

Verbalizer is a funny application made for entertainment purposes only.


Tested and working on: Samsung Glaxy S3/4/5, Nexus 4/5/7/10, HTC One M7, Sony Xperia Z/2

If your video rendering is stuck at 9.5% or 95%. close the app and record again, it should work. If it can't play the video results, it means your device is not compatible.

Special thanks to Viorel Sima ( for the model images. Online search images may be subject to copyright.
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