CM12 Vert Theme v1.0

CM12 Vert Theme v1.0

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CM12 Vert Theme v1.0

For the new CM12 Theme Engine only!

Vert Theme is for the new CM Theme Engine in CM12.

You need to have a custom rom installed with the new CM 12 Theme Engine to be able to use this theme.

What's Included/Themed?
• Framework
• SystemUI
• Settings
• Dialer
• Contacts
• Gmail
• Playstore
• Play Music
• AOSP Keyboard
• Calculator
• Mms
• Fonts
• Wallpaper
• Boot Animation
• Alarms/Notifications
• And much more, with more to come

Once the app is installed go to settings/themes and find Vert theme in your picker menu,click on it and select what you elements you want to use... full theme pack, bootanimation only, style only, etc., etc. once applied, reboot to make sure all the elements get applied.

ThemeEngine has issues at the moment and is still buggy.

You can email me with requests or problems at
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