Xpire v1.1.2

Xpire v1.1.2

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Xpire v1.1.2

*Featured in The New York Times, TechCrunch, Fox Business, CNET, and more*

Xpire is the easy way to shrink your digital footprint.

In a world full of social media, it can sometimes be hard to monitor your online presence. Let Xpire be your safety net for all things social networking!

With Xpire you can:
- Share timed Twitter posts that automatically self-destruct (The tweet, favorites, and retweets are all deleted!)
- View and delete your past tweets
- Use keywords to search through your old tweets
- Calculate your Social Score to determine how much potentially risky content you share on Twitter
- Manage your tweets, favorites, followers, and who you’re following
- Manage multiple social networking accounts
- Delete your tweets with the tap of a button
- Manage expiring tweets and change expiration times on-the-fly
- Remove unwanted followers

Note: Xpire can crawl up to 3,200 of your most recent tweets.

We are constantly updating Xpire to make the best possible product we can. If you have questions or comments about the app, please shoot us an email at info@getxpire.com
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