Rotanev Cm12 Theme v2.0.1

Rotanev Cm12 Theme v2.0.1

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Rotanev Cm12 Theme v2.0.1

If you don't know what a theme is, please Google it! The price is little, the quality is high and updates are guaranteed! :)

This is the third and last theme created for the new theme engine. It contains lot of apps and features and is based on grey and lime (but there are other colors in secondary applications, so this theme isn't boring!

Theme contains:
- Bootanimation, new and pixel perfect
- Wallpapers
- Slim font
- SystemUI (with surprise!)
- Framework
- Animated icons in statusbar!
- AOSP keyboard
- Google keyboard
- Google messenger
- Google launcher
- Google keep
- Google hangout
- Cyanogenmod file manager
- Cyanogenmod music player
- Cyanogenmod easter egg
- Cyanogenmod sound recorder
- Cyanogenmod camera
- Cyanogenmod updater
- Cyanogenmod theme chooser
- Cyanogenmod audio FX
- Cyanogenmod calculator
- Cyanogenmod mms
- Settings (support for every custom rom)
- Dialer
- Contacts
- Clock widget
- Settings widget
- Other minor apps

- Sounds
- New animated icons

If you buy this theme and you have a request or a bug report, feel free to contact me! E-mail below!

Cristiano Spada, who gave me important suggestions
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