CM12 Theme - Crystallize Blue v1.2

CM12 Theme - Crystallize Blue v1.2

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CM12 Theme - Crystallize Blue v1.2

Newly updated for Android Lollipop 5.02 this DeNitE! takes full advantage of the great new Lollipop features!
It's all about the details with DeNitE! Themes... right down to the animated check marks, radio buttons, and switches! DeNitE! - A Dark Stylish version of Android.

What's Themed:
* Framework
* SystemUI
* Settings
* Contacts
* Dialer
* Calendar
* Today
* Swype (Classic Theme)
* Google Now
* Google Play
* Google Plus
* Icons
* Wallpaper
* Lock Screen
* Boot Animation
* Ringtones
* Alarms
* Notifications

More to come soon!

!!**!! IMPORTANT **!!**
You must be running a ROM that supports the CM12 Theme Engine and on a release past the 28th for this theme to load correctly.

!!**!! PLEASE READ **!!**
As CM12 is not complete, this is a Beta release... there are still a lot of bugs that need to be worked out. Please contact me if you have issues or find a bug so I can fix them. Please also consider that CM12 has some bugs I have no control over; specifically the SystemUI bug... To help avoid this bug, revert to the main theme before applying this theme.

Please note some theme aspects only apply after you restart your phone.

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