Numix Calculator Pro v2.6

Numix Calculator Pro v2.6

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Numix Calculator Pro v2.6

Pro version:
This is the pro version of the app, you can use the free of charge basic version, however it is not as feature rich as the pro one:

Numix Calculator is yet another calculator app, only more stylish then the rest. The design of the app follows the new material design guidelines as much as possible, which results in a modern day looking colourful interface.
Swipe from the left and right to get advanced functions panes and swipe from the bottom of the input box to open the history pane. Use the buttons on the left of the input box to open advanced functions panes, preferences and history.

The calculator support all the basic functions (+, -, * and /), but it also has advanced panes that allows thing like trigonometric functions, function graphic and more advanced functions.

The source code source code of the basic version is available on GitHub:

This is version 2 of the app that brings lots of improvements, but regrettably due to various limitations we're unable to make the app to follow the material design guidelines. When the limitations are history we shall make it fully material designed.
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