Dead on Delivery v1.13

Dead on Delivery v1.13

Rating: 6
Dead on Delivery v1.13

COLLECT pizza toppings!
DELIVER completed pizzas!
EARN cash and awesome gear!

Sounds simple, right? Just one thing, the world has been overrun by ZOMBIES! But hey, survivors still need food, right? Join the Dead on Delivery crew. Guaranteed fresh... unless our pizza guy got eaten alive.

- Touch to guide your delivery guy around zombies, pick up toppings, and deliver pizzas!
- Find rare equipment to make your job easier. Run faster! Survive longer!
- Grab power-ups and get out of a jam!
- Save survivors cowering in the streets. They will be grateful and reward you with goodies!
- Compete with your friends on Facebook for pizza superiority in Endless mode!

Zombies got you down? Hungry for a tasty meal? Play Dead on Delivery today!
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