Dark Forest 3D HD LWP v1.8.2

Dark Forest 3D HD LWP v1.8.2

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Dark Forest 3D HD LWP v1.8.2

This live wallpaper is true 3D and works great with phones, tablets, or any device that supports live wallpapers.

Enter into dark, deep and peaceful forest. Experience fireflies dancing in the sunlight and plants waving in the wind.
Choose your favored set of features via customization menu.
Enjoy your favored time of day or automatic time mode synchronized to your current location and time of year, in addition to dynamic shadows of trees and high detail ground for even greater realism.
Still not enough? Try new random weather system or switch to winter mode.
New simple background mode allows you to enjoy that lovely moonlit night or clouds slowly gliding at sky.
More features coming soon.

Please help me improve my work. Any thoughts on my little creation are always welcome.

- customizable set of elements,
- customizable time with automatic mode correct to your location,
- customizable weather with random mode (weather changes in time),
- customizable background mode,
- customizable sky elements (clouds, stars and moon),
- changeable season (summer and winter),
- dynamic shadows,
- battery saving mode,
- quick access to wallpaper settings by double tap.
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