Storm Mountain 3D Wallpaper v1.2

Storm Mountain 3D Wallpaper v1.2

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Storm Mountain 3D Wallpaper v1.2

Storm Mountain 3D Live Wallpaper:

Fabulous storm at the Matterhorn Mountain in the Swiss Alps. We transformed the Matterhorn mountain into a stunning 3D High Definition scene, with plenty of settings and effects that will give you realistic feeling of being into a mesmerizing mountain environment.

The storm, scenic moon and everlasting snow of the Matterhorn mountain are creating a memorable scene, that you can have on your smartphone, today.

Storm Mountain 3D live wallpaper features:

в?Ђ Choose from 6 different mesmerizing themes: Purple Galaxy, Dark Blue Galaxy, Sunset, Blue Sky, Fading Night, to a totally unique scene in Google Play: Polygonal theme
в?Ђ You have 7 totally unique mountain themes to choose from
в?Ђ Choose from 6 different types of Moon and Sun themes (i.e. huge/small Moon)
в?Ђ Change the type of the puffy clouds, a total of 6
в?Ђ 3D lightning strike on the mountain summit
в?Ђ 3D global lightning on the scene
в?Ђ Animated snow flakes, and snow blown from the mountain summit
в?Ђ Animated flickering stars in the sky, Moon/Sun rays, lens flare, hot air balloon
в?Ђ Vignette effect
в?Ђ Choose from realistic style to polygonal style
в?Ђ Fast and smooth real 3D animations (based on OpenGL ES 2.0)
в?Ђ Super Low battery consumption
в?Ђ All screen sizes support for Mobile Phones, Tablets and Smart TV's with Android.
в?Ђ Full HD resolution textures
в?Ђ It's 100% ad-free! And No unnecessary permissions required

How to set "Storm Mountain 3D Live Wallpaper":
On the home screen of your phone → Menu → Wallpapers → Live Wallpapers→ Select “Swiss Mountain 3D Live Wallpaper”

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