LockR v1.0.3

LockR v1.0.3

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LockR v1.0.3

Probably the most customizable and feature-rich lockscreen replacement. More than 200+ settings to make it yours!


вњ” All in one 4.1+ and Android L lockscreen replacement.
вњ” Blocks all system keys out of the box without any extra setup.
вњ” Works with all existing launchers.
вњ” Slide left-up-right-down to unlock functionality.
вњ” Integrated pattern and true fingerprint unlock for fingerprint enabled devices.
вњ” Lockscreen and floating notifications.
вњ” Supports landscape orientation
вњ” Unlimited user defined app shortcuts.
вњ” Integrated network activated security base on trusted stations
вњ” Emergency unlock by sending an unlock SMS
вњ” Missed calls and unread SMS counters.
вњ” Backgrounds with 3d parallax, blur and darken effects.
вњ” Full custom fonts and colors support
вњ” Embed android widgets.
вњ” Full icon pack support for application shortcuts and notifications.
вњ” Weather forecast with custom icon pack support.
вњ” Media player support ... and much much more!

Recent changes:

• Emergency update (215)
• Media player is now working on all 4.4+ devices including Android 5+ (213)
• Android 5.0.1 compatibility issues fixed (213)
• Fixed a bug that prevented the use of fingerprint on certain Samsung devices (211)
• Speed optimizations (211)
• Minor bugfixes and optimizations (209)
• Initial public release (207)
• Emergency update (205)
• Emergency update (203)
• Media player optimization and bugfixes on 4.4+ (201)
• LockR can now be installed along with Chronus and DashClock widget on Android 5.0 (201)
• External wallpaper changes are now correctly detected (199)
• Added a "Clear on device lock" settings in "settings/notifications/behavior". When checked, LockR won't load any notifications when shown, will wake the device and show new notifications and will clear them (from LockR only) when locked (199)
• Stock lockscreen handling revised and optimized (197)
• Added our first unlock animations in "settings/security/unlock animations" (195)
• Fixed a bypass trusted connections bug (193)
• Major media player code refactoring and stabilization (191)
• Better management of the stock lockscreen (191)
• LockR can now detect the reboot/shutdown window that is shown on long power button press (191)
• Added an additional dashboard zoom factor in "settings/lockscreen/look and feel" to enable separate sizing control of notifications and extensions (187)
• Wallpaper is now scaled correctly on low density devices (185)
• Added an option to unlock on trusted connections in "settings/security/behavior" (183)
• Refined the UI of the application list in "settings/notifications/configure applications" and added an alphabetical indexer (181)
• Added the ability to set the list of applications either as blacklist or whitelist in "settings/notifications/configure applications" (179)
• "Convert to system app" feature now supports Cyanogenmod 11, Paranoid Android 4.x, SlimRom and other popular roms (177)
• Added a setting to control the notification title when grouped messages are split in "settings/notifications/split message title" (175)
• Minor bugfixes (175)
• For rooted devices only: Added the ability to convert LockR to a system app and back in "settings/tools" (173)
• The "Unlock on background activity" functionality is now optional and is default OFF. Can be enabled in "settings/lockscreen/behavior" (169)
• Fixed another serious bug that caused LockR to unlock itself when the power/home button is pressed (167)
• Fixed a serious bug that caused LockR to unlock itself at random times (165)
• New wallpaper blurring algorithm (165)
• EMERGENCY UPDATE that fixes previous version crashes (163)
• Introduced an early-stage auto unlock functionality that enables LockR to unlock itself when it detects that an app has opened a window in the background (161)
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