Game Collection Tracker Pro v3.7.4.7

Game Collection Tracker Pro v3.7.4.7

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Game Collection Tracker Pro v3.7.4.7

NOTE: the game covers in the preview screenshots have been left out to prevent copyright infringement!

VG Collection Tracker is an advanced video game collection organizer, designed for smartphones (not yet for tablets). It lets you view your games offline on the go or check which games you have when shopping, so you don't buy the same game twice.

• You can specify the following details :
-region code
-year of release
-price (currency option available)
-your rating
-the amount of hours spent
-the amount of times you completed the game
-whether or not you are still playing the game
-to whom you loaned out the game
-your notes
-box art from the SD card, from camera or the internet
• TheGamesDB Search - search & add games from an open, online game database (
• TheGamesDB Downloader - download game data from TheGamesDB for all your games with one button click (
• Barcode Scanner (Android 2.3.x and up)
• Google Image Search
• Dropbox Sync (Android 2.3.x and up) - sync your box art and database with Dropbox to easily use this app on multiple devices or to make sure your data never gets lost
• Export and import your games in CSV format to view in any spreadsheet program (e.g. Notepad, MS Excel)
• Export and import database file
• Search function
• Filters
• Edit genres, platforms and formats
• Statistics
• Very customizable settings
• Swipe function
• Wish List
• View your games in a gridview
• Box Art Viewer

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