CLZ Games - Game Database v2.0.0

CLZ Games - Game Database v2.0.0

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CLZ Games - Game Database v2.0.0

** Catalog your game collection on your Android device **

Auto-download cover art, publisher, year, platform, publisher, etc.. Just enter game title or scan game barcodes with your device camera.

* Automatically add games to your database
Just enter platform and titles or scan game barcodes with your device camera. CLZ Games will automatically download full game details, including description, publisher, developer, release dates and cover images.

* Catalog your game collection & wish list
Track the games you own and the ones on your wish list. Organize and manage detailed game information like Platform, Title, Barcode, Year, Genres, plus personal stuff like Purchase Information, Condition, Rating, Notes and Tags.

* Browse, sort & search your game database
Browse your game database as a game list or cover "wall". View full game information in the details panel. Group games in Game/Hardware, Platform, Release Year, Genre, Developer or Publisher folders. Search your database with the Quick Search box.

* Free CLZ Cloud storage of your collection data:
Upload your collection data to the CLZ Cloud to have a full backup of your data. Sync your data between devices (e.g. your phone and tablet) through the CLZ Cloud.
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