SMS Blocker Clean Inbox v8.0.7

SMS Blocker Clean Inbox v8.0.7

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SMS Blocker Clean Inbox v8.0.7

Important Note: As per policy changes from Android, from version 4.4 onward, only one app can handle messages and it needs to be set as default messaging app. So if you are on android 4.4 or higher versions, you need to set Clean Inbox as default messaging app to block and send SMS. Note that this is a limitation from android for all SMS apps.

For android versions lower than 4.4, you can use Clean Inbox independently only for blocking.

Official Android blog on this policy change-


Now YOU control whose messages you want in Inbox.
With awards from likes of MIT Tech. Review, �Clean Inbox’ app smartly blocks unwanted text messages and MMS.

в?† App AUTOMATICALLY blocks spam & harmful SMS.
в?† Block SMS based on number/phrase, content word or even by Series
в?† See blocked SMS with option to move to Inbox
в?† Export blocked SMS in Notepad format
в?† Fully customizable. Create your blocking preferences as you want
в?† Seamless Integration with phonebook, SMS inbox
в?† Most superior performance

This is a FREE version. Premium version features-

[вњ”] Unique feature- Block my Ex (Get rid of your @$$h&^ bothersome Ex)
[вњ”] Customizable Auto response to blocked SMS
[вњ”] Block SMS from all unknown numbers
[вњ”] Backup/restore data from/in the app
[вњ”] Password protection
[вњ”] Option to delete blocked SMS automatically
[вњ”] No limit on number of Block/Allow list entries
[вњ”] Option to set tone for Suspicious SMS pop up
[вњ”] Ads free
[вњ”] Priority support and service

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