Snow Breeze CM12 Theme v2.0

Snow Breeze CM12 Theme v2.0

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Snow Breeze CM12 Theme v2.0

Snow Breeze Theme

Snow Breeze is a Flat light styled theme using light backgrounds and teal green to make a unique looking interface, While staying close to Google design for a clean near stock feeling.

this theme is made to support the new CM12 theme engine

Included in the theme

lockscreen wallpaper
full system style
1800 + icons (not taking requests for new icons)
sound pack (ringtone,alarm tone, notification tone)

This theme is made for Cyanogenmod Rom. Any other Rom you use it on is fine, but please don't leave bad reviews without contacting me first. More than likely it's a problem with other Roms not using the latest theme engine changes in there projects.

How to install

Go to settings/themes, find snow breeze, apply all elements, reboot, profit!

System apps changed
google/aosp keyboard
core google apks ( framework, systemui etc.)
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