Weed Shop The Game v2.31

Weed Shop The Game v2.31

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Weed Shop The Game v2.31

Run your very own Medical Marijuana Dispensary aka Weed Shop in sunny California!

Grow various strains of weed, serve your medical marijuana patients, improve your weed shop and promote your weed firm in this 3D weed farming simulator.

Weed Shop The Game Features:
* A stunning 3D environment and a chill reggae soundtrack

* A huge variety of weed strains, grow supplies and merchandise.

* Procedural 3D Weed: Each weed grows differently and no two plants ever look the same.

* Non-linear AI: Customers' actions and satisfaction will depend on how you treat them.

* Advanced Simulation System: It's not just about growing weed anymore. To succeed in the Medical Marijuana business you'll have to promote your store, keep your customers happy and complete various tasks.

* Fast-paced, addictive and deep gameplay

* Active Updates: We're constantly adding more content and features based on user feedback. Have an idea that would make Weed Shop even better? Just drop us a line!

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