Dictus v1.0.19

Dictus v1.0.19

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Dictus v1.0.19

New in version 19, released January 16th, 2015: You can now share text to Dictus, and Dictus will read it to you!

Speech and voice recognition and synthesis in more than thirty languages.

Dictation system: Speak one or more sentences to Dictus and convert them to text. The text can be sent as SMS or e-mail, or copied and used in any program on your Android unit.

Speak clearly, using everyday language, without background noise, and you will experience excellent recognition.
The text may then automatically be read aloud by one of several synthetic voices, as any text from any program on your SmartPhone, e.g. e-mail, may be copied to Dictus and read aloud.

It is up to 5 times faster recording and recognizing a text with Dictus than tapping it into a SmartPhone. For dyslexics in particular, Dictus provides invaluable benefits.
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