ElectroBlast - CM12/C5 Theme v1.1.0

ElectroBlast - CM12/C5 Theme v1.1.0

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ElectroBlast - CM12/C5 Theme v1.1.0

Note: This theme only works with the latest CM12 Theme Engine. Please make sure your rom has the latest CM12 Theme Engine installed.

Screenshots may not be up-to-date with latest release.

Make sure the "styles" section is applied for visual effect.
This theme is targeted for: Candy5/CM12/Vanir/RR/AICP/LS/EuphoriaOS/AOKP/Bliss.
It has been fully tested on Candy5. Results may vary on other untested roms.
Softkeys/Status Bar icons have been left out to allow personal user customization (e.g. CandyShop mods, Sweetener Pack).

ElectroBlast uses a couple of shades of electric blue to theme your device and give it a new, vibrant and simple look. It has themed many aspects of the UI with electric blue colors along with some white, although its purpose is to serve as an all electric blue unified theme.

Compatible with the following DPI's: XXXHDPI/XXHDPI/XHDPI (Tested on all).


ElectroBlast includes:

в—‹ Over 30+ themed apps
в—‹ ElectroBlast theme style
в—‹ Ecliptic Icon Pack
в—‹ Default Wallpaper

Themed Apps:


в—‹ Framework
в—‹ SystemUI
в—‹ Settings
в—‹ Theme Chooser
в—‹ Contacts
в—‹ Gallery
в—‹ Dialer
в—‹ Documents
в—‹ MMS
в—‹ Eleven Music
в—‹ Music FX
в—‹ Calculator
в—‹ Sound Recorder
в—‹ Package Installer
в—‹ Updaters (Euphoria/CM)
в—‹ File Manager (CM)
в—‹ Keyboards (AOSP/Google)
в—‹ Gmail
в—‹ Google Plus
в—‹ Google Play Store
в—‹ Google Hangouts
в—‹ Google Play Music
в—‹ Google Messenger
в—‹ Google Drive
в—‹ Google Keep
в—‹ Google Play Books
в—‹ Google Calendar
в—‹ Google Play Movies

в—‹ More coming soon


Installation Instructions:

After installation, navigate to the "Themes" app and apply ElectroBlast.
After application, a reboot is recommended to avoid issues.

If an error appears uninstall the theme, delete traces in /data/data and /data/app, reboot, reinstall theme and reboot again.

Note: If a CM update somewhat breaks/ruin a part of the theme it would be fixed as soon as possible. If you have spotted any theme errors/bugs or have any issues/concerns/suggestions please feel free to report/tell me about it through email or XDA (CyberScopes).


в—‹ HUGE thanks to @matthew0776 (Candy Team Leader/XDA Recognized Contributor) for his template, help, support, suggestions, hard work and everything else his done to make my life easier and greater.
в—‹ Another huge thanks to the whole Candy team for all their help, support and suggestions to make this theme better.
в—‹ YOU for buying this theme and supporting myself and the Candy team.

For further information, please refer to:

в—‹ CandyRoms site: http://the-candy-shop.co
в—‹ Candy Google Plus Community: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/108100228397827258211

- CyberScopes
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