XCam LG Settings v1.4.0

XCam LG Settings v1.4.0

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XCam LG Settings v1.4.0

This is a companion/donation app for XCam LG. It allows fine tuning and control over a number of camera parameters that were previously unavailable on any LG camera.

* NOTE: There is a bug with the G3 camera driver that necessitates using tap-to-focus (or switching to IA mode) before taking your first shot in Normal mode with raw enabled. This appears to be due to the G3's dual-focus (laser) system.

** NOTE: In order to make XCam compatible with the official ART implementation included with android 5.0, changes had to be made that don't work with the unofficial/beta ART included in 4.4.x. If you are running on such a system, this app take you to the older (5.2.4) download.

1) Latest version of XCam LG installed (this app will bring you to the download)

1) Control image properties such as JPEG Quality, Contrast, Saturation (stock G2 ONLY) and Sharpness
2) Control the minimum shutter speed for Burst, Intelligent Auto, Night, Normal and Sports shot modes
3) Control the bitrate for video modes
4) Get raw sensor data in Normal shotmode
5) Configure features such as Video focus-lock, Audio Noise Gate, Automatic Night Mode, Chroma Flash (G2 advanced driver and G Pro 2 only), Focus/Recording Sounds and Shotmode Menu Options.

XCam LG for G2 - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2548974
XCam LG for G3 - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2873604
Beta Community - https://plus.google.com/communities/104381941292010135718

- update for XCam LG 6.0.0
- Huge thanks to xda member 60nine for the new icons and banner!

- layout change/cleanup
- got rid of toast msg on settings change

- NEW:: save raw in Normal ShotMode
- NEW:: disable photo noise reduction
- NEW:: adjust video bitrate
- NEW:: video focus: toggle continuous, fixed/infinity and lock from photo mode.

- new XCam LG version for stock G2

- add automatic update check for XCam LG app
- adjusted min shutter speeds for stock G2 camera driver
- fix camera driver quirk that could cause "cannot connect" error after first run of settings app on certain devices.
- detailed licensing errors with links to contact Google directly in the event of a problem.

- Add stereo/mono microphone option for video

- Add support for LG G3
- Thank you toast only on first run
- Fix links in Menu > About

- initial release
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