Saturn - CM12 Theme (Full Ver) v1.7

Saturn - CM12 Theme (Full Ver) v1.7

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Saturn - CM12 Theme (Full Ver) v1.7

Releasing Saturn - Full Version!, A theme for CyanogenMod 12.
Works flawlessly with CyanogenMod12 Engine.
A subtle blue experience all over the UI.

Here's what you get in this theme:

- Custom "Saturn" wallpaper.
- UI themed to subtle blue.
- Light Material.
- Saturn Blue Dialer.
- In-Call UI themed to blue.
- Contacts are themed to match with the theme.
- Custom "Saturn Pulse" Google Play boot animation.
- Google Keep themed to match UI.
- Play Music flat experience.
- CyanogenMod Music Player themed.
- Play Books now use saturn blue color.
- Calculator Blends in with the UI with matching blues.
- Messenger App now suits the theme colors.
- Themed Playstore.
- Settings Icons themed to dark blue.
- Notification panel, Quick Setting panel themed.
- Statusbar Merge with the action bar (Unified flat experience)
- Custom Fonts.(English Only)
- Bold Lockscreen Clock.
- Custom Ringtones, Alarm and Notification tones.

This theme will have full developer support and User request considerations, A lot is planned for this theme and it will be updated frequently.

- If the theme does not apply properly, reboot the device.
- Fonts are english only, others are advised to use system fonts.

Build Version: 1.0
by Siddhesh Patil
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