Little Farm: Spring Time v1.7

Little Farm: Spring Time v1.7

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Little Farm: Spring Time v1.7

In springtime the farm comes alive! Experience the quiet farm life in this cute management and strategy game. Cultivate your farm, raise crops and livestock, trade and interact with the townsfolk, and play your part in the mobile agricultural revolution.

Manage and decorate your own land, plow the fields, plant seeds and grow and vegetables, raise adorable barn animals, and produce goods. Make friends with your neighboring farmers, fulfill all orders from the townsfolk, and set up a roadside shop to sell your produce!

As winter draws to an end, the promise of spring heralds a time for planting followed by the rich harvest. A freight train will be coming to the farm to export your goods, so be ready. Toil and till the land to meet the urgent shipment orders before the train leaves for its next destination.

Can you fulfill all orders before the train leaves? Download Little Farm: Spring Time for FREE!


- Simple user-friendly tap interface
- Your own little farm that you can decorate
- Plant a huge variety of tradable crops
- Raise cute farm animals
- Fulfill orders for the freight train before it leaves to reap big rewards!
- Gather resources for upgrades
- Visit neighbors and make new friends
- Trade crops and products with your friends
- Help out in your friends' farms

** Please note that while the app is free, please be aware that it contains paid content for real money that can be purchased upon users' wish to enhance their gaming experience.You may control in-app purchases made within this app using password protection which can be enabled from the setting page of the Google Play Store app. **
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yudis Guests 1 March 2015 03:53
game ini bagus ngga sieh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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