Endless TD v1.0.1

Endless TD v1.0.1

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Endless TD v1.0.1

It is a new and exciting game in the genre Tower Defense - "Endless TD – Savior of the Humanity". It is based on a popular among many players genre TD. But there were made some more enhancements, like new elements added in the gameplay, making the Endless TD different from the other mobile games of this genre.

At the first start of the game you will immediately plunge into the battle! Endless hordes of the monsters, mystical characters and time travelling - all this is waiting for you in "Endless TD – Savior of the Humanity" from the team Heart beat Games.

в—Џ Excellent graphics with deep detailing of the objects and environment will fully immerse you in the game;
в—Џ Unique towers developed by scientists to protect the humanity;
в—Џ Reinforcement and upgrade of the towers, amplifiers, skills, new research - all this will help you to fight the enemy;
в—Џ Earn or buy* a resource required for the unique towers;
в—Џ Supported by the majority of devices with Android!

в—Џ Non-stop waves of the monsters, how long could you hold out?;
в—Џ A large number of towers and their improvements;
в—Џ Amplifiers - the technologies that will help you in difficult times;
в—Џ Enemies, which you've never seen with a unique Fatman!;
в—Џ Horrible Bosses, which can be defeated only by experienced strategists;
в—Џ Exciting story with mysterious characters and mystical power;
в—Џ Gaining experience, learning new technologies to combat with the enemy;
в—Џ Great opportunities for building a base defense;
в—Џ Compete with your friends in the protection of the humanity.

в—Џ daily awards;
в—Џ new monsters;
в—Џ new languages support.

Download "Endless TD – Savior of the Humanity" and protect the humanity from destruction!

* Dear users, in case the game is deleted, all purchased items can not be restored.
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