Blue CM12 v1.5

Blue CM12 v1.5

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Blue CM12 v1.5

The cleanest blue CM12 theme on the play store! Check it out and email me if you have any request.

**Icons are a filter. So if you aren't liking it just skip applying icons when applying the theme.**

This has been updated for updated with CM's latest commits. You must be on January 29th or newer otherwise you WILL and theme issues.

Note: this is for the CM12 theme engine and ROMs with it built in. If you are not sure what this is don't try and download this. Again anything prior to Android 5.0 will not work. See Infamous CM11 for all others.

Keep in mind that CM12 theme engine is still in early development and has bugs. Issues with the theme are due to this and not the theme itself!
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