Solar System 3D Pro v1.1

Solar System 3D Pro v1.1

Rating: 3
Solar System 3D Pro v1.1

Bring the Solar System to your screen!!!

Navigate through planets and their moons in 3D mode.
The position and orbits of the planets are real according to date and time.
The size and orbits of planets are real (but in small scale).

Turn you phone to the sky and watch the Stars, Constelations and Planets.
You have the following options:
1) Move from planet to planet and moons
2) Rotate the camera to view planets from every angle
3) Zoom in and out
4) Toggle orbits, ambient light, labels, grayscale mode, sun flares
5) Go faster, slower (with the yellow bar on top)
6) Info about planets.
7) Real Shadows
8) Navigate with spaceship mode.
9) Current moon phase.
10) Star Chart

Many thanks to Torrence Griffin ( for the beautiful music.

The app works on phones and tablets. But it may take time to load on phones.
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