Series Addict Pro v2.2.3

Series Addict Pro v2.2.3

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Series Addict Pro v2.2.3

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Track your favorite TV shows.

Series Addict Pro provides the full potential of Series Addict. Unlock permanent access to the premium features of Series Addict. Series Addict keeps you up to date about new and upcoming episodes. Mark the episodes as watched when you watch them, get notified when episodes air, view TV schedules of your favorite shows, add home screen widgets to remain up to date about new episodes all the time and do a lot more with Series Addict.

в?… Pro: Get notified when new episodes air
в?… Pro: Add widgets to your home screen
в?… View TV schedules of your favorite shows in calendar
в?… Mark episodes as watched
в?… Share what you're watching with your friends
в?… Always get the new premium features for free with Series Addict Pro

Never miss a show from now on!
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