Transparent UI CM12 Theme v3.0

Transparent UI CM12 Theme v3.0

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Transparent UI CM12 Theme v3.0

Transparent UI CM12 Theme

Welcome to the first Transparent-UI Theme for the CyanogenMod 12 ( CM12 ) Theme Engine. Which helps you make Your UI looks wonder full with transparent Quick Setting Notification and Transparent Lock Screen .

Also the CM12 theme Comes with Material Dark Design For core system apps, Pop Ups and To the dialog Box

Note :-

Works Only On CM 12 Based Theme engine and Custom ROMs..
Supports CyanogenMOD 12, DU, Carbon , Liquid Smooth Lollipop ROMs.
Some aspect not themed (aka. System UI)? This is a CM12 problem . No problem A reboot will fix it
* Some times may not show in Theme Manager First page :/ .. Swipe left and Set the theme manually

Special Features :-

1. Transparent Quick Toggles
2. Textured Big QT Icons
3. Transparent Launcher
4. Added Icons ( More will be added soon )
5. Modified Status Bar Icons
6. Transaprent System UI
7. Rounder Corner Popups and Dialog
8. Much More To Come +++


* Must have a CM12 ROM with CM12 Theme Engine installed

* CM 12Theme Engine is still in its early stage and most bugs are due to Theme Engine !



- CyanogenMod Theme Chooser

- Calculator

- Camera2

- CellBroadcastReceiver- Contacts

- Dialer

- Framework-res

- MediaProvider

- Phone/Dialer

- Settings

- Sound Recorder

- SystemUI

- TeleService

- Added Wallpaper
- Added Lock Screen Wallpaper
- Font and Much More to Come

** Rate me five star if you have anything to say please mail me before leaving a bad review :) .
** Will be updated once in a week
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