Zombie Madness II v3.8

Zombie Madness II v3.8

Rating: 3
Zombie Madness II v3.8

Users said:
в–· "Insanely addictive!"
в–· "Best mobile zombie game so far."...

A must-have for zombie lovers, Zombie Madness is an addictive and challenging zombie survival / shooting / action game. Combining the element of tower defence and active zombie shooting/head blowing, "Zombie Madness" is very easy to pick up, very hard to put down.

Hordes of zombies are approaching your position. Captain, your order is clear: Hold your position until reinforcements arrive. Use grenades, machine guns to stop their advance.

в–· Choose from a legendary collection of classic World War 2 guns (Thompson machine gun, PPSH41, Karabiner 98...and many more) and grenades!

в–· Train your squad with various skill combinations - "Piercing Shot", "Fast Reload", "Sniper"...

в–· Expand your squads, train new soldiers

в–· A lot of gun fire, a lot of blood, and a lot of zombie limbs blowing off!

в–· Aim for the zombie head - the best way to kill a zombie.

Try it, you'll be addicted!

v2.8 New weapon: "Molotov Cocktail"
v2.7 New zombie added: "Shield Wielder"
v2.6 Rebalanceing; zombie graphics; new perk "Swift Thrower"
v2.5 Updated BG graphics; Reduced lag in low memory devices
v2.4 Gun fire effect added
v2.3 Crash issue fixed; faster game load
v2.2 Battle music added.
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