C Locker Pro v7.0.0.14

C Locker Pro v7.0.0.14

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C Locker Pro v7.0.0.14

Customize the Lock Screen you like, Launch the actions you need…quickly!

!!!!!!!!!! NEW FEATURE OFFER!!!!!!!!!!
In line with new feature implemented (Android 4.3 up): ++Notification Icon++
From 26/1/2014 to 15/2/2014, C Locker Pro is 50% off for only USD 1.25!! (USD 2.49)

~~Please try the FREE VERSION before buying, some of the features may not be compatible to your device.
~~If you are having any issue after update, please email me(i check daily) instead of giving low rating.
~~Email: cheahchinseng@gmail.com

=====Extra Features for Pro version: =====
1. Things you can see from the Lock Screen:
---3rd Party Widget (Dash Clock Widget supported)or 4 types of default clocks
---Notifications from facebook, gooble+, whatsapp..basically all supported..
---RSS Feeds (CNN, BBC), Network Provider Name, Battery info..
---Calendar Events List Reminder..

2. Things you can customize on the Lock Screen
---Adding 3rd Party Widget
---Volume Rocker Control, long press to play/skip (next/prev) music.
---Screen Off Volume Skip (next/prev) music
---Locker screen sliding gesture actions with 4 directions (Up, Down, Left, Right)
---More than 10 custom shortcuts your can set to launch apps, direct call, direct sms
---RSS update interval and other settings
---PIN Unlock
---Analog, Digital Clock styles
---Clock background (Full transparent/Black transparent)
---Font Styles, Font Colors

=====Features for Free version: =====
1. Things you can see from the Lock Screen:
---Time, Date, Day, Next Alarm
---Weather Information
---Media buttons (previous, play, pause, next), this automatically shows if you have a song playing..
---Missed calls, New SMS, Gmail notices
---Notifications from facebook, gooble+, whatsapp..basically all supported..(Maximum 2 notification apps can be selected for FREE VERSION)

2. Things you can customize on the Lock Screen
---Full Screen (hide the status bar...)
---Lock screen Wallpaper/Live Wallpaper
---To show/hide missed calls contact, new sms contents
---Own custom icon selection
---Screen timeout
---Unlock sound, screen off sound
---Disabling Default Home Button function, Long press Home Button to launch recent apps
---Weather update interval and other settings
---And many other customization

Change Logs:
-updated: new app icon
-added: option to block/unblock non-shortcut (notification, system settings) apps
-added: color options for analog clock and bottom bar tab
-updated: main settings layout view for more user-friendly look
-updated: tips & tricks put back to main setting list as video tutorials (youtube links)
-added: show/hide notice icon-clear option
-added: tasker receiving intent for advanced users
-updated: French, Greek translation
-added: notification support for incoming posts like facebook, g+, whatsapp etc(in Notification Settings)
-added: today events color option(in Calendar Events Settings)
-note: the color settings had been reset, you need to re-apply
-added: 2 types lock layout animation
-updated: the lock layout animation selection changed from "Display" to "Shortcut" settings
-note: some of the settings had been reset, you need to re-apply
-added: own custom color choice: Hex RRGGBB
-added: widget size 80% to fit DashClock Widget
-added: options to select unlock layout style: center, bottom
-added: display personal message on PIN unlock
-added: widget size selection: auto, 30%,50% (Pro), to especially better fit DashClock Widget
-added: sms from other device to unlock the locker
-added: option to Enable Proximity Sensor to automatically turn OFF the screen if the Locker is putting into the Pocket, Bag..
-added: dialog to apply color to all items(texts, blinking, icon background..)
-added: battery level color selection in bottom bar settings
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