SQLite Viewer Pro v0.12

SQLite Viewer Pro v0.12

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SQLite Viewer Pro v0.12

This is a higher-performance version of SQLite Viewer Free.
The following features are available in addition to the Free version functions.

- Sort
- Query assist button (for search)
- Remember 10 previous queries (for search)
- Save the column width
this function is linked to the full path of the database file.
If you move/rename the file, column width will be reset.
- Display null and blob
In the Free version, null and blob cells are blank.
In this version, you will be able to see "null" or "blob".
- Choose value area's height
- No ads

Due to permission conditions, file size, etc., this application may not work with some databases.
Make sure to test it out with the Free version first .
Thank you.

SQLite Viewer Free
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