Corgi for Feedly v0.10.1

Corgi for Feedly v0.10.1

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Corgi for Feedly v0.10.1

в?…Get your Feedly News on the lock screenв?…

Corgi for Feedly is the fastest way to read your news on a phone. With Corgi, you won’t miss out on anything that matters to you. No need to do the extra steps to get the information that you need now. Just wake up your phone to access the stories that matter to you.


• All news subscriptions are synced with Feedly - if you are already a Feedly user, all of your existing subscriptions will be automatically available on your lock screen.

• Choose your own news resources - .Read the stories that you wan’t, by subscribing to the resources that matter to you. We offer International Search Support.

• Material Design ready - the lock screen has been created following Google's Material Design language

• Read Later - In a rush and don’t have time to read the article? Save it and read it later. Works with Pocket and Evernote.

• Share with Friends - If you like a story, you can easily share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many others.

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