Call Toolbox Pro v1.9

Call Toolbox Pro v1.9

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Call Toolbox Pro v1.9


Call Toolbox is a set of powerful features for phone call and messaging. It's easy to use and makes your Smartphone really smarter. One place to setup, one app for many utilities!

Main features:
в?… Smart Call: easy ways to control the call without touching the screen or even the phone
* Answer call by putting the phone to your ear
* Automatically end the call if moving the phone away from your ear
* Options for silencing/answering/ending/rejecting the call by using these gestures: shaking the phone; flipping the phone(turn the phone over); close proximity(waving your hand in front of the screen or have something close to the screen).
* Note if you're using phone cover, proximity features may not working properly.

в?… Reminder: remind you by notifications that you have missed calls or unread SMS messages
* Notification with a popup window to allow viewing new messages and call logs quickly
* Allow to change notification ringtone, vibration pattern and LED flashlight color for notifications
* Option for automatically replying missed calls by SMS message.

в?… Announcement: use Text-to-speech engine to read out information when having incoming calls or new SMS messages
* Read out the caller’s name or the sender’s name of message
* Allow to customize text for reading out.

в?… Call Recorder: automatic call recording with high voice quality
* Record automatically or manually via a control button on the call screen
* Allow to play/note/send recordings
* Automatically delete old recordings.

в?… Call Blocker: block unwanted calls and spam SMS messages. Your phone will never ring or vibrate when receiving blocked calls/messages
* Block any phone number you want and move call logs/messages to specific list
* Options for blocking unknown/hidden phone numbers
* Option for sending reply message automatically to blocked numbers
* Text blocking is not available on Android 4.4/KitKat because Google has changed the policy.

в?… Important Call: you'll choose which contacts are important, when these persons call you, your phone will always ring and vibrate even it's in silent mode.
* Urgent mode: when your phone is in silent mode, if someone call you twice within 2 minutes and you're not answer the calls. The third call will be accepted and your phone will ring.

� Call Vibration (Android 4.1+ ROOT required): when you make a call to someone, your phone will vibrate to notify you that his/her phone has begun ringing or he/she has answered your call. If you’re using Android 4.1 or above, you must ROOT your phone to use this feature.

в?… Schedule: allow you to perform daily tasks at specified time automatically, including:
* Phone tasks: automatically turn on/off silent mode, vibration mode, mobile data(2G/3G/4G), Wifi, Bluetooth,..
* App tasks: automatically enable/disable app features(Smart Call, Announcement,...).

в?… Profile Management: allow to backup app settings to a profile for restoring or scheduling.

Hands-free features:
в?… Auto Answer: automatically answer incoming calls. A useful feature when driving
* Answer automatically after a delay time or when a headset is connected
* Turn on speakerphone before answering.

в?… Auto Speakerphone: automatically turn on speakerphone when the call begins and the phone is not close to your ear. It also turns off speakerphone automatically when putting the phone to your ear
* Allow to change speakerphone volume
* Option to keep the screen always on when speakerphone or headset is in use.

в?… Auto Bluetooth: automatically turn on Bluetooth and connect with Bluetooth headset when the call begins.

Give it a try and you will love it!
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