Task List & To-do List v3.2.6 build 326 Task List & To-do List v3.2.6 build 326

Rating: 2 Task List & To-do List v3.2.6 build 326 To do list is a MUST HAVE APP (NY Times, TechCrunch, PCMAG & More!)
Millions use to capture ideas, make check lists and keep track of everything they need & want to do. With to do list you can easily share your check lists & tasks with anyone to get more done, faster.

вћњ to do list top features:
вњ“ Seamless cloud sync between your mobile, desktop, web and tablet
вњ“ Reminders - Set time and location based reminders for your tasks
вњ“ To do list Widget - Add a widget to keep your to do list on the home screen
вњ“ Calendar Integration to keep your agenda always up to date
вњ“ Assign tasks & Share lists - get everyone on the same page
вњ“ Add Sub-tasks, notes & file attachments to supercharge your to do list
вњ“ Speak your mind with built-in speech recognition
вњ“ Add Sub-tasks, notes & file attachments to supercharge your to do list
вњ“ Drag and drop your tasks to plan your agenda
вњ“ Simple gestures support Designed for mobile

вћњ Not enough for a Tasker like yourself? Here's more:

вњ“ Clean and smart design that keeps you focused on your goals for the day
вњ“ Keep updating your grocery list, shopping list, errand, chores, and calendar in real-time with your spouse and family
вњ“ Set recurring tasks for regularly scheduled to do list items on your to do list
вњ“ Moment is your daily agenda planner allowing you do the right things on your to do list
вњ“ Intuitive drag and drop of tasks, swipe to mark tasks as complete, and shake your android to remove them from your list.
вњ“ Make the best planner for organizing tasks faster
вњ“ Use voice entry to speak your tasks into a list, or type with our powerful auto-suggest feature

вћњ Still not enough?

вњ“ Add a to do list item to the app by email by forwarding
вњ“ Make your daily to do list even more useful by uploading files, sound recordings and photos to your tasks from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive
вњ“ Print, Export and share your lists & tasks for groceries, errands, & more
вњ“ Remember to call family or friends the same day they called with's missed call feature
And much, much more...
вњ“ Syncs with many Google services like Google Calendar, Gmail & Chrome to help you manage your day with productivity

Bottom line: Getting things done (GTD) has never been easier with the best to do list app for managing your personal home life, work life, and everything in between. Why download 10 different apps when you can get all of their functionalities in just 1! is a calendar, a notepad, a board for post its or sticky notes, a project management tool for small teams, your daily scheduler, and overall the simplest and most useful organizer you will ever have. Best of all – it’s free for basic use! is also great when you’re planning to go shopping at the grocery store. Right there with your to do’s is a handy shopping list that’s editable as you go and remember more things you need. Forget to buy post it notes? Throw it on the list and add it to your shopping cart if you must, but you won’t need to, since is your new post it note with alarms for time sensitive reminders that come with you wherever you take your phone!

Planning and organizing collaborative work projects has never been easier. Just like you can share tasks between family members, you can also share checklists and much more with everybody on your team at work. will help you and the rest of your team stay on schedule so that you can go home at night relaxed, knowing that you had a productive day where you crossed many tasks off of your check list.
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