Hideninja VPN v6.3.2

Hideninja VPN v6.3.2

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Hideninja VPN v6.3.2

Hideninja VPN offers you easy access to locally blocked websites and apps as well as Wi-Fi hotspots security and privacy protection.


• Encrypts all incoming and outgoing traffic on your device for ultimate privacy.
• Prevents any kind of online activity tracking from advertisers or hackers.
• Gives you access to media content, video, VoIP, social networks and messaging apps all around the world.
• Unblocks locally restricted sites via your favorite browser.
• Secures Wi-Fi connection.
• Bypasses firewalls while you’re travelling or being at work or school.


Hideninja routes all outgoing and incoming traffic on your mobile device through its secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) servers in different countries - you can choose by yourself. This traffic is encrypted with secure bank-grade encryption algorithm (256-bit AES), your online activity is private, advertisers and hackers can't track you. We support 3G/4G/LTE/GSM connections and Wi-Fi.

PREMIUM Service Benefits

No ads, all premium servers, unlimited connection time.


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