AntTek SafeBox v1.13 build 1003

AntTek SafeBox v1.13 build 1003

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AntTek SafeBox v1.13 build 1003

Keep local & cloud photos and documents safe with military-grade encryption

Keep local & cloud photos, videos and documents safe.

Your files are encrypted before upload to cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive). By using Safe Box, no one can access your file, by any mean. And you don't need to trust anyone, even the creator of this app.

в–є AES & RSA encryption: Using military grade encryption algorithm to encrypt your sensitive photo,
в–є Self destroy: Files are self destroyed if unauthorized access detected
в–є Passcode lock: Passcode is yours. Do not store elsewhere.
в–є Local files: Keep your local files safe.
в–є Cloud sync and backup: Encrypted files are synced with your Dropbox or Google Drive
в–є Note & Writer: Built-in WYSIWYG text editor tailored with hyper text markup.
в–є Photo viewer: Easy to manage your sensitive photos, personal papers
в–є File name encryption: File and folder name are also encrypted
в–є Monitoring folder: place your file here and SafeBox encrypt it automatically

- Data can be decrypted and send via email, print, post to social network (Facebook, Twitter).
- Cloud sync allows to sync over the air across multiple devices
- Build-in rich text/HTML editor
- Different view style for each type of data.
- Ultimate tool to keep your credit cards, personal papers, bills, sensitive photos in secret

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