Icon Pack HD OrbiconS v3.0

Icon Pack HD OrbiconS v3.0

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Icon Pack HD OrbiconS v3.0

Clear, crisp and sharp HD icons enclosed in a glass orb. The most vivid icons on the playstore....


~ HD Glass Orb Icon Pack
~ Icon mask support to theme ALL icons in your drawer
~ Now contains 1150 Custom Hi-def Icons at xxxhdpi 192x192
~ Designed to exceed expectations of 1080p screens, looks great on high DPI screens
~ Fully themed app interface
~ Currently 81 original cloud based wallpapers
~ Fully automated icon request tool
~ Direct link to the D&D HD Orbicons Vault - Lots of matching widgets,walls and spare parts!
~ Supports Iconshader to increase brightness/contrast of 'masked icons'
~ Comprehensive multi-launcher support
~ Multiple Choice Icons with ’Iconpicker’ support
~ Text Orbicons in eight colours
~ Colour Orbicons
~ This icon pack will NOT work on your standard phone launcher !!
~ This icon pack will NOT work on Go Launcher or Holo + !!

The aim of this pack is very much Quality over Quantity, I have used high res images for all these icons and also tweaked the contrast, brightness and shadowing before placing into a glass orb effect icon. These icons look vivid on modern 1080p screens with high DPI and really pop out! There are a vast number of theming options in this one pack, you have a choice of 8 colour themed text Orbicons with 32 types of each, you have a further selection of simple coloured Orbicons with simple white icons. Just long press an icon and you can select from the icon picker.

There are also a whole host of matching widgets to be found in the vault:
~ There is an Orbicon Weather zooper widget with beautiful high res images which change according to the weather.
~ There's an Orbicon Battery widget which changes colour as your charge diminishes.
~ There are several simple analog clocks in various colours.
~ There is an information widget called Orbicon Display, this can be fully customised using the multi-colour panels and orbs provided and the text content can be changed.

All of these widgets are unrestricted so they can be changed/used in any way you'd like, if you would like to submit a widget I'll add it to the vault for others !

Compatibility / Installation:

The creators of the launchers all have varying ways of executing an icon change and the functions they allow; some aspects of this pack will only work on certain launchers. As the launcher developers allow features I'll be sure to do all I can to make the app compatible, its a shame certain launchers (GO I mean you!!) decide to do something which means an icon pack can only work for their launcher and no-one elses - I wont support such a selfish approach, if you insist on using Go then please turn off the icon base.

Supported launchers - Action Launcher, Apex (Pro), Atom, Aviate, ADW (Ex), Holo, Nova (Prime), Next Launcher, Inspire Launcher,Smart Launcher.

There may be levels of support for other launchers that adopt the normal approach to icon packs - Let me know if any others work?

Note ~ Holo+ (the paid add on)will prevent the icon mask from working ~
Holo+ has a reversed method of masking compared to Holo/HoloHD (why???!!!)
Go launcher shares this masking protocol so will cause masked icons to not render correctly.

If you'd like to give any feedback or tips please email me:


Any problems you have can also be discussed via email and I will be glad to help you in any way I can – Please contact me before leaving any negative reviews, if you don’t ask I can’t help !

Please take the time to leave a review as it really helps other users.

More updates to follow soon.......

Special thanks to The1Dynasty/Pkmmte Xeleon for the use of their template and assistance throughout - you are both legends
Biggest thanks of all to my partner Dori Smith for her incredible work on the base images and support throughout this project.

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