Uface - Unique Face Maker v2.0.6

Uface - Unique Face Maker v2.0.6

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Uface - Unique Face Maker v2.0.6

Uface - Unique Face Maker is a drawing tool that enables you to create caricatures in a matter of seconds by choosing between tons of different types of hairstyles, noses, mouths, and more.

The application has a simple, intuitive interface that gives you the ability to create all the caricatures you want in a short amount of time. First, choose the gender of the caricature that you want to draw, and then it's just a matter of selecting each element to add step by step.

Start with the eyes, then move onto the mouth, nose, shape face, hairstyle, etc. There are over a hundred elements to add in all, which means that your drawing is sure to have lots of personality. And best of all, all that variety makes it possible to create caricatures that really do look like the person that you're trying to draw.

Uface - Unique Face Maker is an app for easily 'drawing' caricatures. Now you can make fun drawings of your friends and family and surprise them by sending the results over social networks or email.
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QJM Members 4 March 2015 17:51
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