Ghosts in your Photos 2 - Joke v1.0

Ghosts in your Photos 2 - Joke v1.0

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Ghosts in your Photos 2 - Joke v1.0

Fool your friends and family with this new version of Joke to create photos and ghost detector.
This application is divided into two parts:

- Part 1: Ghosts in your photos.
Edit your photographs free to add more than 10 ghost and scare your friends. You can see the terror on their faces when they see their photographs.
Also you can add blood, knives and fingers cut off. Laughter guaranteed!

- Part 2: Ghost Detector.
Another very funny joke that everyone talks about. Imagine that your house is ... Ghosts !! ... Now you can fool everyone you have a ghost detector !!! Ouija will not need to see them!

All photographs do'll customize them as you like and also can free ...

- Edit the picture you choose your device
- Add amazing effects and styles to photos: Blood, weathered ...
- Share the photo on social networks and email.
- Play with your family to see who gets the picture that gives more fear
- Fool your friends into thinking you have a ghost detector
- Scare your family
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