Military Battle v1.0

Military Battle v1.0

Rating: 4
Military Battle v1.0

Military Battle - an exciting turn-based tactical game with elements of arcade, where you can fight against the computer or friends for more than a few dozen levels, using different types of military equipment and countless combat strategies. The exact calculation and the speed of your actions - the critical success factors in the game Military Battle. Conquer the enemy's war machine after a few dozens of unique levels, each of which presents unique design. Earn coins to open new technology and new levels. Share your achievements with friends! If you play games like Worms and Angry Birds (or Scorched Earth and Tank Wars), then the game Military Battle like you.

в†’ Features Military Battle (OXON Military Battle Free):

в—Џ Dozens of colorful animations levels
в—Џ Various military equipment
в—Џ Every machine has its own combat style of fighting
в—Џ Single game with computer
в—Џ Doubles on one device
в—Џ Control anywhere on the screen
в—Џ Collect coins and unlock new levels and vehicles
в—Џ Get achievements and share their successes with friends

в†’ Management:
в—Џ Movement of military equipment forward or backward - horizontal swipe on the screen
в—Џ Direction of the shot up or down - vertical swipe on the screen
в—Џ Shot - a single tap on the screen (the power of the shot depends on how long you press on the screen)

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