zTorrent - Torrent Downloader v2.2.3

zTorrent - Torrent Downloader v2.2.3

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zTorrent - Torrent Downloader v2.2.3

* The search feature is not supported by the Developer Content Policy.
* Please use an external browser or the built-in browser.

1. Built-in browser
- Favorites
- Visited History
- Ads Blocker
- Torrent files and magnet links automatically recognized
- Any file download - Multi-stream support
- Proxy
- вњ” Web authentication (Pro only)

2. Full featured File Manager
- Sort - name, size, date
- Edit - copy, move, delete, folder, support multiple choice
- Share
- Open

3. Torrent
- Network usage (WIFI, WiMAX, all networks)
- Save .torrent file (specific folders can be selected)
- Notification bar (Extened notification bar support)
- Actions for completed torrents - notification, move, media scanner, automatically remove (вњ”Pro only) / seed
- Port, uPnp & NAT-PMP port mapping
- Download / upload bandwidth and connection limit
- DHT, Local peer discovery, uTP, Peer exchange, Protocol encryption
- вњ” Watch incoming folder (Pro only) - Download automatically when a new torrent file is added.
- вњ” Proxy (Pro only)
- вњ” IP Filter (Pro only)
- Remote Web Interface - Transdroid support.

4. RSS feed
- Filter - keywords, regular expressions
- Notification - The new feed will notify if they match the filter.
- вњ” Auto download (Pro only) - The new feed will download automatically if they match the filter.
- вњ” The Lite version is limited to 1 feed and 1 filter.

5. WIFI File Transfer
- The feature to upload/download files from the web browser on your PC or other device.
- вњ” The Lite version is shown only 3 files.

6. Theme Support
- Dark / Light

7. Power Management
- Download only during charging.
- Download by the battery status.
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