Easy Contact Widget Pro v1.6.1

Easy Contact Widget Pro v1.6.1

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Easy Contact Widget Pro v1.6.1

This nice widget В« Easy Contact Widget В» make acces to your favorite (or all) contacts easy and quickly. From the home screen you can directelly make a call, send sms or email.

Two Widget size :

- (1x1) : discreet and practical, it has only a screen icon size but you can all done through a dynamic and stylish menu, One click in contact photo and the menu is opened.
The Widget frame, text and menu button color for (1x1) Widget can be customized.

- (4x2) : the menu is merged with widget layout, so all actions are directly avaible. You can choice the widget layout between "Classic" or "Sensitive". Sensitive layout is more responsive to click. To avoid accidental actions (call, sms, email) , this widget can be locked by a simple click.

App review : http://www.androidappsreview.com/2013/11/25/easy-contact-widget-android-app-review/

If you have a suggestion or do you like to have a new feature in the future release, please send an e-mail: dreamappstudio@gmail.com
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