DarkMTRL ThyrusHolo CM11 Theme v4.3

DarkMTRL ThyrusHolo CM11 Theme v4.3

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DarkMTRL ThyrusHolo CM11 Theme v4.3

DarkMTRL is a dark theme developed for the completely new Theme Engine from CyanogenMod.

Is is based on the DarkUI theme but enhanced with key components from the Material Design preview of Android L (without the crayon-like colors, but adapted for the ThyrusHolo UI design.

To avoid upsetting users who are not yet ready for Material-based UI components and prefer the original design of DarkUI, the redesigned DarkUI theme was published as a stand-alone Theme based on user request.

Enhancments to the existing DarkUI theme
- Animated buttons (checkboxes and radio btns)
- Many Android L based components integrated (adapted to ThyrusHolo visuals)
- New Notification area, drawer and quicksettings
- New spinners
- New Material-based Statusbar and NavBar icons
- New Settings design
- New switches based on Material
- New icons
- New circle avatars
- and much more.

Please refrain from commenting or complaining that I am asking you to purchase a DarkUI theme again - this was not my preference either, but many existing users asked me to maintain the DarkUI theme standalone. Nobody is forcing you to purchase the Theme overhaul but it is available if you want the new look

Currently themed:
Keyboad (AOSP and Google Play Versions)
Calendar (ASOP and Google Play Versions)
Dialer and Phone

Google Apps
Google Now/Google Search
Google Music
Google DocumentsUI
Google Play Store
Google Mail (Gmail)

PA USERS - some issues exist in PA because of missing commits from PA to theme contacts and dialer properly that work perfectly in CM11. See more here:

IF you get an error -110 or error -24 -> ThemeEngine has issues at the moment with updating themes.
To resolve:
1. Uninstall the theme completely
2. go to /data/data/ and delete the entire directory "release.thyrus.darkuinte"
3. Reboot
4. Reinstall theme.
5. Reboot
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