K-9 for Wear v1.0.1

K-9 for Wear v1.0.1

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K-9 for Wear v1.0.1

Please uninstall K-9 Mail before installing K-9 for Wear, they cannot co-exist on your phone.

Do you know what we really felt like K-9 was missing? Yeah, Wear support.

We took K-9 and added:
- Full Wear notifications support, including stacked notifications, full second page preview and actions
- The keyboards from Wear Messenger.
- A full app for the watch, letting you see your inbox and reply to emails

More features will come with time and as requests come. Sure, I meant requests! I will always glad to listen your ideas to improve this app, so please if you have any let me know!
Please remember, this is the first version. There may be imperfections, but we promise we will try to figure them out as soon as possible.

Some of you will ask why did I need to do release a full version of K-9 instead of building a plugin for it. Well, the very reason is because it was the only way. I contacted the author asking him if he was interested in integrating a few modifications to K-9 so I didn't need to release a full client but he didn't even reply.
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